Jan 312013

We follow Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia because we like and sell their Medicare supplemental insurance.  Today we received an email from them that highlighted a page on their website entitled Making Health Care Reform Work for You.  We know many of our Medicare supplemental insurance customers and especially those who purchase and use other types of health insurance are closely monitoring the affects of the Health Care Reform law so we though we would pass this information along.

On their website you can find a reliable resource for health care reform information.  The page features an interactive guide and timeline.  The picture and text below was taken directly from their website.  Click the picture to go there now.

Capture BCBS Georgia insurance health care reform law infoYou have important decisions to make now that health care reform is officially a law, and we're here to help. Welcome to our new Health Care Reform Website, your on demand, one-stop resource for reform information. … Intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive – this site puts everything you need right at your fingertips. So look around and see how we're helping to make health care reform work for you! … Click on a year below to see a list of provisions, a high level summary, and links to our reform materials library and interactive tools.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia: Making Health Care Reform Work for You

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Aug 162012

Obamacare plans changes to Medicare supplemental insurance plans F and C according to an article published on Life Health Pro by Allison Bell. The article states that members of the Senior Issues Task Force an arm of Health Insurance and Managed Care Committee (NAIC) would like to have new cost-sharing aspects added to Medicare supplement plans and ready for final approval by the end of the year.

If these changes to Medicare supplemental insurance are adopted by the NAIC and into sates laws and regulations, senior who purchase the popular Medigap plans will face new co-payment requirements or other cost.  Traditional Medicare Part A also known as hospital insurance and Medicare Part B also called doctor insurance leave many gaps in coverage to both save money and to discourage seniors from getting unnecessary care. Many seniors purchase additional Medicare supplemental insurance to protect themselves from these gaps.

The Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) well known as Obamacare calls for NAIC and states to help control Medicare cost by changing Medicare supplemental insurance to reduce senior use of health care products and services.

You can read the entire article published 15 August 2012 by going here.

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