Apr 232013

Everydayhealth.com published an interesting article discussing how all the changes taking place in the healthcare system has created confusion for many seniors.  Crooks are now leveraging this confusion as an opportunity to scam seniors.  The article opens with a scenario where one lady was told over the phone that Medicare was sending out new Medicare cards and needed to verify her information.  The person on the phone called of off the appropriate name, address, and other information but gave a bogus bank account number hoping to be corrected and provided with the real number.  It is easy to see how someone not paying close attention might be taken advantage of.  So be extra cautious out there everyone.  If your not 100% sure who your talking with, hang up and call them back with an original verified number.

You can read the article from Everydayhealth.com by clicking here.

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Joel Moyer
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