Aug 122011

AARP, a leading provider of Medicare supplemental insurance, published an interesting article about cutting your risk of diabetes by eating nuts.  The article sited the largest study to date that shows you can  cut your diabetes risk by up to 35 percent by replacing one serving of meat a day with a serving of nuts, whole grains or low-fat dairy foods like yogurt.  Anyone who reads healthy living literature will likely find this news reassuring but not all that surprising.  The consensus among health gurus is that eating a diet low in red meat is much better for you.  Eating nuts has also for a long time been touted as a way to be heart healthy and to lower cholesterol.  The Mayo Clinic even has a article about it on their website.  So one would expect a double benefit if you replace on bad habit with a good one.  There seems to be an “awakening” to many people around the age of forty in which they start to feel the effects of aging for the first time and naturally seek ways to slow the process.  It is good to see more and more Americans seeking out a healthier life style as this will drive competition in this market expanding choice, raising quality, and lower cost for all.  It will be interesting to see how the insurance industry develops as the Baby-boomers are now starting to retirement.  Medicare Supplement insurance also known as Medigap has already seen a hug increase in competition.  With our Government carrying such a high level of debt, the gaps in Medicare will very likely widen. When you turn 65 you can purchase a Medigap plan without a physical and application process is not overly complicated.  The ability to shop online makes the competition for insurance companies all that more intense.  If you are in the market to purchase a Medicare supplemental plan then make sure you get your quotes from a independent agency like Centaur Medicare Solutions.  You can get quotes from all the insurance companies in your area at one time.  Also, Centaur Medicare Solutions will not sell your information like many websites do.  This saves you from being bombard with agents calling you.

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