May 142014

Yes you read that right.  The rate for South Carolina Medicare Supplement Plan G went down under Mutual of Omaha.  And that is by 8% – something you can shake a stick at!  So if you live in South Carolina and are shopping around for a Medigap plan be sure to get quotes from an independent insurance agent.  This way you can compare quotes and find the best priced plan in your neck of the woods.

Mutual of Omaha had this to say about their South Carolina Medigap Plan G price reduction.

You need a low-priced Med supp. You got it.
Our long-term pricing strategy is once again keeping rates low for your current and future clients

Lightning Hot Plan G is the Way to Go

  • Plan G rates are among the lowest statewide with or without our 7% household discount.

When comparing Plans F and G, in most cases, you have to ask: “Why would you pay more for a $147 benefit?”

More Savings

  • 7% household discount

No policy fee


Request quotes today and see if Mutual of Omaha has the best deal for you.

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