Medicare and Medicare Supplement Videos


Below are some Medicare and Medicare supplement videos that will hopefully help you on your quest for information on Medicare, Medgap, or Medicare supplemental insurance. There is also lots of information available from the home page and the drop down menu at the top. In the sidebar there are links to government websites as well. If you are looking for Medicare supplemental insurance quotes please use the quotes button in the sidebar. Hope you find these videos helpful and thank you for stopping by our website.

Centaur Medicare Solutions LLC is and independent agency. Being independent means our agents do not work for an insurance company and are free to work with any company. This enables us to better serve you. Let us help you find the lowest rates in your area. Request quotes today.

How to Win With Medicare Supplemental Insurance

This three minute video is a must see if you have never shopped for Medicare supplemental insurance online before.  Save your self a lot of time and hassle and watch this video.


How Much Does Medicare Cost?

This video by Humana gives a basic overview of the cost associated with Medicare.  Keep in mind that Medicare is different than the typical insurance that most people have through their employer.  Some Medicare cost are set and some vary. You do not pay for Medicare Part A  if you paid into Medicare for over ten years, but you'll need to pay a deductible for hospital stays. There are monthly premiums for Parts B and D coverage along with other out-of-pocket expenses.  Be sure to investigate Medicare supplemental insurance to see if it is right for you.


Deductibles, Co-pays, Co-insurance and Maximums

These are all apart of Medicare.  If you do not understand them then this video by Humana is for you.  You can limit almost all the gaps that Medicare leaves you to pay through a Medicare supplemental insurance plan.  Medicare supplemental insurance is very affordable so be sure and request quotes to see what insurance company has the best deal in your area.  Centaur Medicare Solutions is an independent agency.  We are free to work with any insurance company and by law insurance plans cost the same weather you purchase through us or through a captive agent that works for an insurance company.  So the benefit of working with us is you get unbiased information and we can give you all the quotes at one time.  We will save you money, time, and hassle.


What Is Medicare Advantage?

Most people learning about Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance also want to know about Medicare Part C.  Medicare Part C is called Medicare Advantage.  This short video by Humana gives a basic overview of Medicare Advantage.  There is a lot more you should know if you are considering getting a Medicare Advantage plan.  Medicare Advantage plans are not available in many locations and for many may not be the best option.  Though for some they can be a good fit.  Just make sure you know what you are purchasing (read the fine print).  Please watch the other videos about Medicare advantage also.


Good Morning America – High Risks of Medicare Advantage Plans

For some a Medicare Advantage plan can really be a good deal, but there are some definite disadvantages to them as well.  Often insurance agents try and sell them as the greatest thing since sliced bread and this simply is not true.  Make sure you know what you are purchasing and the plans limitations.  If a Medicare Advantage plan is available in your area make sure that your doctor is apart of the network and what cost are involved when you are out of network.  Remember Medicare Advantage plans are not guaranteed renewable.  Be sure to investigate Medicare supplemental Insurance as well.


Medigap Quotes

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