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MASA Assist is the world's leading emergency assistance company.  When seconds count, count on the Medical Air Services Association.  MASA Assist is a thirty-five year old established international organization that is dedicated to providing its 500,000+ members with lifesaving, emergency assistance while they are at home, on the job, or traveling the world.

MASA Assist Members are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year against being abandoned during times of crisis and against catastrophic financial loss. Want peace of mind for you and your family at a very affordable cost. Request Application

Watch this video for an overview of this lifesaving emergency service.

 Facts You Should Know…

• Every year, over 550,000 people in the U.S. are flown by medical helicopters & small planes for emergency care (According to the Association of Air Medical Services).
• The average cost of an Air Ambulance is $20,000 & can be as much as $100,000!
• The finest medical facility in the world is of little value unless it is accessible.
• Only a small percentage of health insurance policies will pay for any part of an air ambulance bill.

• Health Insurance Policies & Medicare DO NOT:

  1. Fly spouses, friends or family members with the patient or to visit later
  2. Return the patient home…not by air ambulance or any other way – It’s a one way service!
  3. Have vehicle return, minor children and grandchildren return, and even mortal remains return

MASA Assist protects…

We protect our members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, during times of crisis and against catastrophic financial loss.

If a MASA Assist member needs emergency assistance services, then the services are completely FREE to the member and MASA pays all of the costs of providing lifesaving medical transportation.

For only about $1 per day, MASA Assist members can have peace of mind knowing that lifesaving emergency services are only a call away!

MASA Assist Ensures…

That anyone can be covered!
• NO health questions
• NO age limits
• NO claim forms
• NO deductibles
• NO dollar limits on emergency transport costs
• Worldwide coverage
• Even pre-existing medical conditions are covered after only 90 days
• Medical experts are on call 24/7/365 days a year

MASA Assist Provides Members With:

• Emergency Air Transportation & Medical Evacuation
• Helicopter Transportation
• Ground Ambulance Transportation
• Repatriation / Recuperation
• Return Transportation
• Non-Injury (Friend or Family Member)Transport
• Escort Transportation
• Minor Children / Grandchildren Return
• Pet Return
• Vehicle Return
• Mortal Remains Transport
• Organ Retrieval
• Organ Recipient Transport
• Worldwide Coverage

Emergency Air Transportation & Medical Evacuation

Should a member suffer a serious illness or injury resulting in hospitalization and if the member is in need of specialized treatment not available locally, then MASA Assist shall fly him/her to the nearest appropriate medical facility capable of providing such specialized treatment.

Helicopter Transportation

Should a member suffer a serious illness or injury that requires transport by helicopter, MASA Assist will provide the member with helicopter transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility capable of providing the required medical treatment.

Ground Ambulance Transportation

MASA Assist will arrange and provide ground ambulance for a member to and from the medical facility or to and from the air ambulance.


If a member is hospitalized (for just 24 hours) while away from home, MASA Assist will fly him/her home by air ambulance to recuperate in a local hospital surrounded by family and friends.

Return Transportation

MASA Assist will fly the member by commercial transport to the airport nearest his/her home following inpatient hospitalization away from home.

Escort Transportation

If a member requires emergency air transport, MASA Assist will fly the member’s spouse, family member or friend to accompany him/her in the air ambulance.

Non-Injury (Friend or Family Member) Transport

If a member is hospitalized while away from his/her home for more than 7 days, the member may select a family member to visit him/her during confinement.  MASA Assist will provide round trip, common carrier air transportation for the person selected.

Minor Children or Grandchildren Return

When minor children or grandchildren are left unattended as a result of a member using MASA Assist air ambulance service, MASA Assist will provide one-way common carrier air transport for return of the children to the commercial airport nearest the place of residence of the children. A qualified attendant shall accompany the children.  MASA Assist will even return your pets!

Vehicle Return

MASA Assist will return vehicles such as cars, vans, RVs or trucks owned or rented by the member when illness, injury or death requires use of the air ambulance services provided by MASA Assist. The vehicle will be carried to the member’s place of residence or rental vehicles will be returned to the nearest rental company  office or agent.

Mortal Remains Transport

In the unfortunate event that a member dies while away from his/her place of residence, MASA Assist will return his/her remains to the commercial airport nearest his/her residence.

Organ Retrieval

MASA Assist will provide air transportation of an organ to be used in an organ transplant.

Organ Recipient Transport

MASA Assist will fly a member to the commercial airport nearest the medical facility where an organ transplant is scheduled to be performed.

Worldwide Coverage

MASA Assist covers members whether they are at home or away traveling. MASA Assist offers members with worldwide coverage for all of our services. At home or anywhere in the world, MASA Assist’s lifesaving emergency services are only a phone call away!

Other Benefits

• Attorney Advisory Service – Anywhere in the World
• Translation Services – Available in Any Language
• 24/7 Nurse Hotline – Access to English Speaking Nurses
• Travel Advisor Service – Real time Updates
• Physician Search – for English Speaking Physicians
• Emergency Message Center – Updates to Your Family
• Peace of Mind PLUS – Personal Concierge Service
• Cash Advance (Prearrangement and proof of ability to reimburse is required) – Up to $50,000
• MedFlash (only available on Charter Lifetime Memberships) – Emergency Health Record Storage

Three Easy Ways to protect you and your entire family!

Platinum Annual Membership:

Single Membership and Family Membership available

Platinum Five-Year Membership:

Single Membership and Family Membership available

Charter Lifetime Membership:

(Must be 50 years older or older to purchase the Charter Lifetime Membership)

Single Membership and Family Membership available


international travel insuranceClick here to go to the MASA Assist online application Request Application


Find Out the Truth about

Medical Travel Insurance Companies

Seniors, who travel, should begin by assessing their insurance coverage. One misconception that many seniors have is that their premium credit card program provides medical evacuation. Most cards that include medical evacuation pay only a small portion of the actual cost, and though they may pay for evacuation from the disaster area to the hospital, they do not pay from the hospital to their home country. The traveler will pay for that personally.

If your Medicare or medical insurance plans does not cover you for evacuation and hospitalization overseas (and most don’t), then getting supplemental insurance is critical, but what kind and from what company? They are not the same; some not even in the same ball park.

When deciding what kind of travel insurance is right for you, compare companies, policy coverage, benefits, exclusions, and prices.  The following are some of the most high profile services, but be cautious because there are differences among them:

Travel Guard is one of the leading insurance providers in America. It specializes in assisting millions of travelers' world wide through thousands of companies. Lloyd’s of London, which provides accident and health insurance to over 1,000,000 people in 100 countries, underwrites its plans.

Medjet Assist provides a medical evacuation service which transports members who are hospitalized more than 150 miles from their home, either in the U.S. or abroad, to the hospital of their choice. Services include monitoring member’s medical condition, giving medical and legal referrals, translation assistance of foreign medical reports, pre-travel medical consultations, and return of mortal remains.

Travel Insured International is a recognized travel insurance company. Travel agents, tour operators and specialty travel providers have partnered with Travel Insured since 1993. It provides various services for its customers who are mainly US based residents.

IMG processes claims from all over the world; has multilingual customer service representatives; and an on-site medical staff in case of medical emergencies. IMG does not sell directly but relies on a network of producers to promote its insurance products.

travel insuranceMASA Assist (Medical Assistance Services Association) has been in business since 1974 and does not outsource its assignments. MASA Assist has full time crews that are constantly available. When a member contacts MASA Assist, an experienced agent is immediately assigned to the case. From the first moment of the emergency to the last moment of resolution, the member is dealing with only that person, who is dedicated to their care.

Other companies often drop their members at the closest hospital or a partner hospital rather than the best hospital for their problem. MASA Assist works with the member’s physician and family to assess and implement the best course of action rather than the easiest or most expedient.

MASA Assist also offers other services including Emergency and Commercial Air Transportation throughout the world, ground ambulances, non-injury transport for family members, escort transportation, minor children and grandchildren return, vehicle return, organ retrieval, and organ recipient transport.

In addition to asking how insurance companies would handle your medical emergencies, you should also ask:

 • If the entire trip, including airfare, hotel, shore excursions, sightseeing and pre-and post-touring is covered?

• If pre-existing medical conditions are covered?

• If you’re on a sports trip, are sports-related injuries covered?

• If strikes, civil disturbances and terrorist acts are covered?

• If you are covered if they should go out of business?

Take great care when deciding. You will want a company that will be experienced in dealing with any issue in the US or abroad, that has highly trained personnel who will care about your condition and your family members, and that will be cost effective.

Understanding Travel Insurance

and Emergency Transportation Coverage

Flight delays, cancellations and increased prices can create travel woes, but the unexpected can create serious headaches.  If an illness, accident or emergency strikes during a trip, tour or cruise, the loss of nonrefundable prepayments or the heavy expense of emergency transportation home can be two aggravating situations travelers are left to face.

However, there is help available for travelers. Trip cancellation insurance (TCI) policies cover the losses you incur if you have to cancel a trip before you leave home, or cut short the trip part way through. Emergency medical evacuation (EME) policies pay the added cost of having to be rushed to a medical facility far from the site of the accident or illness.

Trip cancellation insurance (TCI) reimburses you for whatever your supplier refuses to refund, though you must pursue that possibility first. TCI pays the difference between what you paid and what you can recover. TCI also makes adjustments (i.e., switching flights or taking alternative transportation) and pays extra costs that might be necessary if your companion has to return home.

TCI also covers you against a wide range of accidents and surprises that might force you to cancel or interrupt a trip, such as a fire or flood at your house, a call to jury duty, an accident that makes you miss a flight or a sailing, an airplane hijacking, a natural disaster (fire, flood, earthquake, or epidemic), terrorism, or a strike.

Emergency Medical Evacuation (EME) insurance is critical to have if you suffer sickness or accident during a trip and need on site help. EME insurance will cover the cost of special evacuation, even by helicopter or private medical jet to a hospital that can treat your needs, and your transportation home.

Medical air services companies offer excellent deals, but they are not all alike. Be sure to compare their benefits, exclusions and costs before selecting one. Make sure also that you are selecting a company that has longevity and a reputation for service.

However, there is an option beyond just securing travel insurance – joining an association. MASA (Medical Air Services Association) Assist is the first association of this kind, and its CEO, Mr. Frank Halley advises travelers on the difference.

Commercial airlines have many restrictions regarding medical patients as passengers, so securing an air ambulance is necessary. The average cost of an air ambulance is $10,000 and could cost as much as $50,000—all paid in advance and covered by few health insurance policies. Depending on the location abroad, the cost could be as much as $175,000. Becoming a member of the association could not only save a life but also protect and individual from financial catastrophe.

MASA Assist“When you join MASA Assist, there are no deductibles or co-pays, no claim forms, no age limits, no health questions and no dollar limits on air transport costs. One low annual fee covers all costs for flights and services while providing security and peace of mind,” he said. “All transportation needs are met with the speed of an air ambulance, and all costs for flights and services, including vehicle return are included with membership. Even preexisting medical conditions are covered after only 90 days.”

Unlike newer associations that offer Emergency Air Transportation, MASA Assist also offers non-injury transport for family members, minor children/grandchildren return, escort transportation, ground ambulance (now costing between $600 and $2,000 per ride), mortal remains return, travel expense reimbursement, and world wide coverage.

Membership in MASA entitles the member to many benefits, and the best trained personnel provide excellent services. The medical staff is experienced, and they are all Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Physicians. Trained medical crews stand by at strategic locations across the nation, and a team of the most experienced support staff handles medical emergencies everyday of the year.


MASA vs Medical Health Insurance:

Most medical health insurance policies do not offer coverage that addresses medical emergencies, particularly if they occur outside the United States.

Health Insurance companies do NOT:

  • Have trained personnel answering calls for help on an 800 number 24/7/365.
  • Offer emergency air transportation as a service.
  • Fly spouses, friends or family members with the patient from the disaster point to the hospital and back home, or from home to visit the patient during the hospital stay.
  • Return vehicles, minor children and grandchildren return, mortal remains return.

Insurance does:

  • Have an 800 number answered by a machine and numerous electronic prompts.
  • Have 80/20 co-pay provisions and thousands of dollars out of your pocket.
  • Require pre-approval during business hours only.
  • Have mileage limitations. (No matter what the emergency).

MASA Assist ensures:
Value, Convenience and Peace of Mind

  • One low annual fee covers all costs for flights and services.
  • All transportation needs met with the speed of an air ambulance.
  • All costs for flights and services, including vehicle return, are covered by the membership fee.
  • NO deductibles.
  • NO claim forms.
  • NO age limits.
  • NO health questions.
  • NO dollar limits on air transport costs.
  • Even pre-existing medical conditions are covered after only 90 days.

Qualified and Experienced

  • ALL experienced medical personnel are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Physicians.
  • Trained medical crews stand by at strategic locations across the world.
  • A highly trained support staff that handles each medical emergency with expertise and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does MASA Assist work?
A: MASA has handled medical emergencies all over the world for more than 30 years. We founded this industry in 1974 and we are by far the largest prepaid medical emergency service company in the world. In your and/or your family’s time of need, a simple phone call to one of the MASA professionals gets you started. All medical trip arrangements, all transportation costs, all other services are provided to you by MASA.

Q: Does MASA Assist work while I am at home?
A: Absolutely! When you are in need of specialized medical treatment not available locally, MASA will fly you by air ambulance to the hospital that can best attend to your needs; or if you become ill or suffer an injury that requires local transportation by ground ambulance or helicopter MASA will be there for you.

Q: How does MASA Assist work when I am traveling?
A: If you suffer an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, MASA returns you home for treatment or to recuperate in familiar surroundings. If you require air ambulance transportation, MASA can send a relative or friend with you and if your vehicle is stranded MASA will return that to your home by a bonded driver.

Q: How do I get home after I am hospitalized?
A: MASA will return you to the airport nearest your permanent residence following hospitalization, either by air ambulance transport or commercial return, depending upon your particular circumstances. In addition, if you are hospitalized away from home for more than seven days, MASA will fly a family member or friend, via round trip airfare, to visit you.

Q: Who makes the decision if I am going to be transported by air ambulance?
A: Your attending physician and MASA’s medical director determine when you will be flown and to the appropriate hospital. Once the decision has been made, MASA takes charge of all the details and expenses.

Q: How much does an air ambulance flight cost?
A: Air ambulance transportation is expensive, sometimes $50,000 or even more! In most instances health insurance or Medicare coverage pays little, if any of this expense and they do not provide the other benefits that MASA provides to you absolutely free of charge.

Q: What happens if I pass away while away from home?
A: MASA will make the arrangements and pay for the return of a member’s remains to the commercial airport nearest to the member’s permanent residence.

Q: Will MASA take care of my minor children if I have to be air transported?
A: Yes. MASA will transport your children, with escort, back to their home. What’s more, MASA will bring your minor grandchildren back to their parent’s home if you require air transport while they are visiting or staying with you.

Q: Will you bring my motor home, automobile or motorcycle back to my permanent address if I require air ambulance transport?
A: Yes. MASA will provide a bonded driver to return the vehicle and furthermore, MASA will pay for gas and oil utilized in returning the vehicle back home.

Q: Where can I use MASA’s services?
A: MASA’s basic area of coverage is all of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), all of Canada, all of Mexico, the whole Caribbean (excluding Cuba), Bahamas, and Turks & Caicos. Worldwide Coverage is available with our Short-term Coverage. So wherever you and your family go, have the peace of mind, MASA is there with you!

Q: Where are MASA’s air ambulances located?
A: MASA’s aircraft are strategically placed throughout various regions in the western hemisphere. All MASA aircraft are medically equipped and depending upon the medical requirements of the individual member/patient, appropriate medical personnel will accompany the member on the flight free of charge.

Q: What is the price of a MASA Assist membership?
A: There is a a Single Membership and Family Membership available

Q: Why should I purchase a MASA Assist membership?
A: An unexpected and serious illness or injury can occur, either while you are home or traveling, which requires specialized medical care not available locally, MASA provides this service to you absolutely free, with no deductibles, no out-of-pocket expenses and anyone can join regardless of age or medical condition.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No. MASA is a membership association, not an insurance company, which means MASA members are not subject to medical underwriting by some 3rd party insurance company. Everyone can join MASA regardless of age.

Three Easy Ways to protect you and your entire family!

Platinum Annual Membership:

Single Membership and Family Membership available

Platinum Five-Year Membership:

Single Membership and Family Membership available

Charter Lifetime Membership:

(Must be 50 years older or older to purchase the Charter Lifetime Membership)

Single Membership and Family Membership available

international travel insuranceClick here to go to the MASA Assist online application  Request Application


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