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Kansas Medicare supplementWelcome, on this website you will learn about Kansas Medicare and Kansas Medicare supplemental insurance. The goal here is to supply  the information needed to select a Medicare supplement plan that best fulfills your needs at the least expensive price available.

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What exactly is Kansas Medicare?

Kansas Medicare is merely Medicare operated within the state of Kansas. Medicare is our country’s health insurance program for people age 65 or older. Some people younger than age 65 can get Medicare if they have specific disabilities. The program helps pay for the cost of health care, but it will not cover all medical expenses or the cost of most long-term care.

When should you sign up for Kansas Medicare?

For those that are not currently getting retirement benefits it is advisable to contact Social Security around three months prior to your 65th birthday to join Medicare. It is possible to enroll in Medicare even if you do not intend to retire at 65. Click here to visit the Social Security online Retirement/Medicare application.

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance)

Medicare Part A covers a portion of your medical expenses once you have been admitted to a hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, plus some home health care.

You pay (2012): The per incident period (not per year) deductible for Medicare Part A of $1156, $289 each day for the days 61-90 hospital room and board, $578 daily after 90 days (up to a maximum of 60 days over your lifetime and total costs thereafter), $144.50 each day for skilled nursing facility for days 21-100 and all costs thereafter.

Medicare Part B (Doctor Insurance)

Medicare Part B covers part of your medical expenses for doctor services, some preventive services as well as other medical services and supplies that are not covered by Medicare Part A. If you have Medicare Part B you will pay a premium each month out of your Social security benefits.

You pay (2012): The yearly deductible of $140, the costs for the first 3 units of blood, 20% for durable medical equipment, 20% for doctor services to include doctor service while as a hospital patient, 40% outpatient mental healthcare, any excess charges (some doctors can charge as much as 15% above what Medicare authorizes)

Kansas Medicare supplementKansas Medicare Supplement Insurance

Even though Medicare covers a large part of your Medical expenses there are lots of gaps left for you to pay. These gaps can certainly strain a person’s financial resources. A Kansas Medicare supplemental insurance policy can provide protection from most or all the Medicare gaps and they are very affordable for most people.

Kansas Medicare supplement insurance plans are provided by private insurance companies. The federal government has standardized all of these plans. This means that all plans identified by the same letter provide exactly the same coverage regardless if you obtain your insurance from AARP, Blue Cross, Loyal American, Mutual of Omaha or any other insurance company. Nationwide three of the most popular plans are F, G, and N.

Kansas Medicare supplement plan F: This is the most common and comprehensive plan. It covers all of the gaps left in both Medicare Part A and Part B.

Kansas Medicare supplement plan G: This plan is almost the same as Medicare supplement plan F with the exception of not paying the annual Medicare Part B deductible. For many this plan is often the smartest choice if you don’t mind paying the yearly deductible as opposed to the sometimes more expensive monthly premiums for Medicare supplement plan F.

Kansas Medicare supplement plan N: Unlike Medicare supplement plan F this plan contains some cost-sharing ($20 doctor’s office co-pay and $50 emergency room co-pay in 2011) in exchange for less expensive monthly premiums. It is designed as an alternative to Medicare Advantage plans, while still giving you the flexibility and stability of a Medicare supplement plan. This plan also does not cover excess charges.

There are lots of insurance companies providing Kansas Medicare supplement plans and the prices can vary quite a bit from company to company. Many people who do not utilize the services of an independent agent end up paying over 40-50% more a month for  insurance! It is a shame especially when getting your Medicare supplement insurance through us cost you absolutely nothing.

Medicare supplement plans chartClick here to see the Medicare supplement plans chart


Medicare Supplement Quotes


You can request Medicare supplement quotes now by clicking here and filling out a simple form. An agent will look up the rates based off of the information you provide and send the quotes to you by email.


You can get more and the most and up-to-date information by downloading Choosing a Medigap Policy the government guide to Medicare supplement insurance or by visiting the Government Medicare website.

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