How To Get Medicare Supplement Quotes


Getting Medicare Supplement quotes is easy to do and convenient when you do it online.  Simply click the link on this website to request quotes and fill out the short form. This will save you a lot of time and frustration as well as save you from going to an insurance office, sitting in a presentation, or bringing “pushy” agents into your home. Here are a few things you will want to make sure of when getting quotes:

  1. Use an independent agent or agency to get quotes. There are two types of agents:
    • Captured agent that works for an insurance company and has a loyalty to that company. A captured agent can only sell you products from one company.
    • Independent agent that is contracted with many insurance companies. A independent agents can give unbiased opinions and information based on their clients’ needs and sell you a product from any insurance company.
  2. Be careful from what web sites and how many times you request information. Requesting Medicare supplement quotes from one independent agency will get you the desired results. Many web sites will sell your information to several insurance agents setting you up to be inundated with phone calls and emails. The good news it that if you request a quote from us your information goes to just one agent!  This website is not a leads farm sit up to simply sell your information off to a bunch of insurance agents.
  3. Use correct and valid information. It sounds simple but, if you want accurate information when you get insurance quotes, you must use your correct information (i.e. birthday, tobacco usage, zip code, etc.).
  4. One agent or agency cannot offer a better “deal” than another. It is illegal for one agent, or agency, to offer better rates for the same company and plan. You will not get better rates by going through any particular agency or any insurance company.  Medicare is regulated by both the state and federal government.
  5. Once you have quotes for the plans you are interested in compare the rates between the different insurance companies and make your selection.  We can mail (postage paid), email, or fax you the application.  Simply let us know which insurance company you have selected.

Medicare Supplement QuotesYou can request Medicare supplement quotes now by clicking here and filling out a simple form.  An agent will look up the rates based off of the information you provide and send the quotes to you by email.

Joel Moyer
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