Jan 182013

AARP Texas Medicare supplemental insuranceJust helped a nice young 67 year old lady purchase a AARP Texas Medicare supplemental insurance plan.  All AARP Medicare supplement plans are insured by United Healthcare Insurance Company which is known for great customer service.  They make their agents go through a little extra training.  As an agent I can't say that I am real fond of having to jump through extra hoops to sell their Medicare supplement plans.  It does however help keep us up to date on AARP products and keep away some agents who may be to lazy to complete the extra classes. If you live in Texas or any other state and would like to purchase a Medicare supplement plan, simply request quotes from http://medicare-supplement.biz One of our agents will send you an email with prices and plans from a variety of Medicare supplement insurance companies selling in your area.  You tell us which plan you would like and we will help you with the application process.  You do not pay us a thing as we are paid by the different insurance companies to provide customer service.  So what are you waiting for?  Request quotes today!

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Joel Moyer
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