Feb 132012

Gerber Florida Medicare supplementFlorida is an interesting state when it comes to Medicare Supplement Insurance.  A first look, from an insurance agent's point of view, there is not much to see.  Mutual of Omaha and United have pretty much ruled the insurance world in Florida for many years with almost no competition.  Even now when you pull up quotes for a client you will in most cases only get maybe three or four insurance companies depending on where that client lives.  Competition in almost all cases is good for the consumer and this is true for Medicare supplement plans as well.  One of the driving factors behind the higher premiums for Florida Medicare supplemental insurance is the lack of competition.  Things are slowly changing though.  Gerber is relatively new at providing Medicare supplemental insurance and seems to be undercutting the competition in many parts of Florida.  This is a step in the right direction, but lets compare rates with Florida's next door neighbor Georgia.  If you pull quotes in Georgia you will often get upwards of twenty insurance providers and the rates will sometimes be half of what a Floridian will pay.  So Florida, open up your doors to more competition you will help us all out.

Florida Medicare Supplement Quotes If you would like to see if Gerber has the best deal in your area please click here.  One of our agents will pull some Florida Medicare supplement quotes for you and email them to you.

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