Dec 052014

Dont panic if you have AflacI just received a call from a very nice “young” lady out of Georgia.  I had previously sent her quotes and we were discussing how plan G would, in her case, save her a few dollars if she did not mind paying the Medicare Part B deductible out of pocket. She told me she was very upset when she went to the Aflac website to renew the Medicare supplement insurance plan purchased for her husband and read that Aflac was no longer selling Medicare Supplements.  She said that because they were terminating her plan that she had until the end of the week to buy a new Medigap plan.  This was news to me.

I had sold several Aflac plans and knew that Aflac was no longer selling new Medicare supplement plans, but had heard nothing about them not renewing old ones.  I asked and she said that they had not sent her a termination letter.  So I told her to let me call her back in a few minutes.  After a quick called Aflac confirming that they were not termination all their Medicare supplement plans I called the Georgia lady back and let her know that she did not need to purchase a new plan and that her husband was good to go.  Of course I would have helped her find a new plan if they really wanted one, but it was clear that they were only shopping under duress.  As I hung of the phone I heard the lady in that background say “thank God”.

Dealing with insurance can be a pain.  It is something that you are very glad you have when you need it, but hope you never need, and not one of the more pleasurable things in life to purchase.  The purchase process can be made a lot worse by predatory agents who will push products you don't need or want.

So for anyone out there that has an Aflac Medicare supplement plan don't panic.  They are not dropping all their customers.  A Medigap plan is guaranteed renewable so in every case where a Medicare supplement plan is going to be dropped or terminated you should have a letter or notice of some kind.  This will give you guaranteed issue rights to buy a new Medigap ploicy.  For more information on this check out section three of the governments guide to choosing a Medigap Policy.

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