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When you go on Medicare you of course will want the most coverage and as little out of pocket expenses as possible. Everyone receiving Medicare benefits will be enrolled in the original Medicare Part A and B automatically.  Many people choose to add a supplemental plan often referred to as Medigap. Since the original Medicare A and B pays only a portion of your medical care, you end up being responsible for what Medicare doesn't pay. That's where Medigap can help. Make sure to focus on Medigap within the first six months you have Medicare Part A and B since this is the open enrollment period where you cannot be denied or charged more for any pre-existing conditions.

Choosing a Medicare Supplemental Plan can be very time consuming, annoying and possibly overwhelming for some, but because the premium that you pay can vary greatly, it is advantageous for you to compare plans.

Ways of finding Medicare Supplemental Insurance:

  •  Call various Medigap insurance companies and take notes. It's best to write the following information so that you stay organized:

Name of Insurance Company
Phone Number
Medigap plans offered in your area
What the monthly premiums are for the offered plans

  • What the monthly premiums are for the offered plans:Search the internet for websites offering quotes and request a quote.  Some insurance companies will give you quotes over the internet and there are many websites that will pull quotes for you from a variety of insurance companies and send them to yourExercise extreme caution when requesting quotes online!  Many of the website that come up when you search for quotes are actually companies that collect your information and then sell it to many insurance companies.  This means you will be getting a lot of phone calls and emails for the next couple of weeks by all the agents fighting for your business!
  • Request quotes for all the Medigap plans available in your area directly from a single independent agency.  An independent agency can sell insurance in any state for which it is licensed and they cannot charge you anymore than the individual insurance companies charge you.

Centaur Medicare Solutions is an independent agency that will get you quotes without selling your information to anyone.  You will be dealing with only one agent!  When you find the plan you like we will mail you the application and track it till completion.  When your insurance company raises your rates in the future we can compare rates again and make sure you are always getting the best deal.

See the different Medicare Supplement plans here:  Medigap Plans

Learn more about Medicare Supplement Plans here: Medigap

Request your quotes here:  Quotes

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