Mar 142012

A recent article in the New York Times entitled Monitoring Your Health with Mobile Devices by Peter Wayner describes how the future in medical treatment will most likely involve your cell phone.

For those who are not aware of just how smart a smart phone has become consider that many are now more powerful than entire computers were just a few years ago.  With the ability to now connect medical devices to them it seems those long ago days when doctors made house call will soon come again.  The Doctors will just be visiting through your cell phone.

So what does this mean to Medicare and hopefully Medicare supplemental insurance?  Better treatment at a lower cost.  The article states that these devices will help give people real command over many diseases, provide people much needed information, and enable them to make smarter decisions in real time.  If these devices help to lower medical cost then that translates into Medicare being able to provide better services to seniors.

As the Baby Boomers are just starting to hit the Medicare Age, Medicare will need every edge to provide for them.  Peter Wayner’s article states that Johnson & Johnson has also spoken publicly about developing similar devices. The ultimate goal would be to replicate the full-body diagnostic “tricorder” from the TV show “Star Trek”.  That goal is being encouraged by a $10 million prize put up by Qualcomm, the smartphone chip maker, through the X-Prize Foundation.

We don’t have “tricorders” yet, but we do have Medicare supplement insurance.  If you are turning 65 be sure to protect yourself from the gaps left in Medicare.  It would be a shame to have your bank account “beamed-up” by some heavy hitting medical bills.  When you turn 65 you have a six month open enrollment period during which the insurance companies have to sell you a plan.  So don’t miss it!

When you get your quotes through us we will find the lowest priced Medicare supplemental insurance in your area.  The money you save may very well cover the cost of your next smart phone!

Click here to read the article Monitoring Your Health with Mobile Devices

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Joel Moyer
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