Mar 062014

An estimated 24,000 Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance holders will soon receive a refund check from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  BCBS of Georgia released a statement to day that they will be sending a refund to those with up to date plans as of 1 Jan 2013 and had a rate increase that same month.  The estimate refund should be around $14 per policy.  The check are scheduled to be mailed out 11 March 2014.  If you think you qualify and have not received your refund or have questions you can contact Blue Crosses Medicare Program Services at 1(800)633-4368.

Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance is of course an important part of many seniors health and financial protection.  If you are considering purchasing a Medigap plan make sure you request quotes and compare prices.  There is surprisingly a large spread in prices for esentally the same insurance.  See if Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has the best price in your area or another insurance company.  Request quotes today.

For more information on Medicare Supplement insurance click here

To go to the BCBS post bout the refund click here

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia is the trade name in Georgia of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Anthem states that it is dedicated to delivering better care to our members, providing greater value to our customers and helping improve the health of our communities.  Anthem is a valued insurance provider in many states across the country.

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