May 242013

The Wall Street Journal published on May 22 that number of people who have Medicare supplemental insurance has now reached the 10 million mark. The count was determined by a new Healthcare Business Strategy report released by Mark Farrah Associates.

According to MFA's report, Medicare Supplement (also referred to as Medigap or Med Supp) plans earned $22.258 billion in premiums and incurred $17.405 billion in claims during 2012, increases of 3.9% and 1.6% over 2011, respectively. Between 2011 and 2012, enrollment in Medicare Supplement plans increased by close to 200,000 covered lives. To read the full article please click here.

May 082013

Medicare Advantage – or DISAdvantage?That is the tittle of an article recently posted by Wendell Potter on The article opens with “If you’re being courted by a private insurance company to enroll in one of its Medicare Advantage plans, don’t sign on the bottom line until you’ve read a recent report by a researcher at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The real bottom line you need to understand is that the insurer might want to keep you enrolled only as long as you’re relatively healthy.”

Contemplating Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare

If you are contemplating if it is better to have a Medicare Advantage plan or Original Medicare backed up by Medicare Supplemental Insurance do your homework. Medicare Supplements are guaranteed renewable the same can not be said for Medicare Part C (Advantage). That is not to say that Medicare Advantage is bad just different and a lot of seniors just sign up or get talked into a plan without looking understanding the particulates of their plan. Medicare Advantage plans are not standardized like Medicare supplements so you have to pay more attention to what each plan provides.

If you want to read the rest of the article discussing some of the Medicare Advantages – or DISAvantages you can find the article by clicking here.

May 012013

For all you Texans out there shopping for a Texas Medicare supplement plan there is good news. Mutual of Omaha announced today that they have dropped rates for Medicare Supplement Plans A, F, and G. They quoted a Texas Medigap plan F for ages 65-67, non-tobacco user $124.83 in certain zip codes. That makes Mutual of Omaha very competitive in both price and service. If you are turning 65 or already have Medicare supplemental insurance and shopping around online, Go ahead and request quotes to see if Mutual of Omaha has the best medicare supplement for you.

Mutual of Omaha Texas Medicare SupplementFYI: Mutual of Omaha currently does not charge a policy sign up fee and there is a 7 percent household discount.

Apr 232013 published an interesting article discussing how all the changes taking place in the healthcare system has created confusion for many seniors.  Crooks are now leveraging this confusion as an opportunity to scam seniors.  The article opens with a scenario where one lady was told over the phone that Medicare was sending out new Medicare cards and needed to verify her information.  The person on the phone called of off the appropriate name, address, and other information but gave a bogus bank account number hoping to be corrected and provided with the real number.  It is easy to see how someone not paying close attention might be taken advantage of.  So be extra cautious out there everyone.  If your not 100% sure who your talking with, hang up and call them back with an original verified number.

You can read the article from by clicking here.

If you would like to compare the prices on Medicare supplement insurance click here.  Don't worry we won't scam you!

Apr 092013

Great News!  Aflac Medicare Supplemental insurance is now available for those who live, turning 65, or retiring to South Carolina.  For more on Aflac check out our blog post on Aflac Medicare supplement insurance by clicking here.  If you do not live in South Carolina do not despair.  Aflac Medicare Supplement plans are available in 32 states already.

Seniors in the the following states can apply for an Aflac Medicare supplement: Alabama Alaska Arkansas Arizona California District of Columbia (D.C.) Georgia Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina Nebraska New Jersey New Mexico Nevada Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas West Virginia Wyoming

Aflac Medicare supplement plan fPlease request quotes by filling out a request from if you would like to have an agent email you the Medicare supplement rates for Aflac and other insurance companies in your area.

Mar 162013

Medicare Excess ChargesMedicare excess charges is a topic that often causes confusion and concern for many people.  A very basic definition of an excess charge is when a doctor bills the patient a charge that can be up to 15% above the price that has been set by Medicare.  So the patient pays the 20% of the bill that Medicare did not pay plus the excess charge.  It is easy to see that when dealing with an expensive doctor bill the portion that the patient pays can be substantial.  This is one of the primary reasons that many people choose to purchase a Medicare supplement plan F or plan G.

The American Academy of Family Physicians published an nice article that goes into great detail on how Medicare excess charges work.  The article explains the actual percentages and the three contractual options that physicians have when dealing with Medicare.  Also of interest is how doctors can change between the three options, the timeline for doing so and how it can effect patients on Medicare.  You can find the article on excess charges here  titled Medicare Participation Options for Physicians

For more information on Medicare or help in finding the best Medicare supplement for you please visit our home page.

Mar 012013

When purchasing Medigap, often customers are confused about when their bank account will be charged for their first Medicare supplemental insurance payment.  While filling out the application for a Medicare supplement insurance plan the application will ask when you would like to have your payments come out of your bank account.  So many customers believe that the first payment will come out on this date that they requested.  With few exceptions this is not the case.  Most insurance companies, as a part of the application process, will draft the first payment before approval or upon approval of the application.  Drafting the customers account is part of the application process and lets the insurance company know that they have the ability to draft and will be able to continue to provide service to the customer.  Customer also need to realize that just because their bank account has been drafted for the first payment does not mean that their Medicare supplement application has been approved.  If a person has to be underwritten sometime the first payment will be drafted before the application is completely approved.  If this happens and the customer is disqualified then the insurance company will of course return the first months premium minus any application fees that some companies charge.  The typical application fee is around $20.

Medicare supplement payment dateThe good news is that aside from the initial payment all other Medicare supplement payments will be on the date you requested on the Medigap application.  So basicallymake sure you have the cash in your bank account for the first month before you apply for your Medicare supplement.  The second and all additional months you just need to have the cash in your account before the draft date that you asked for.

If you would like to compare the rate of the Medicare supplement plans available in your area please click here.  If you would like to learn more about Medicare and Medigap please click here.

Mar 012013

Greensboro North Carolina Home pageGreensboro, North Carolina will be the happy recipient of over 1,000 new jobs by UnitedHealthcare.  As many may know AARP Medicare supplement plans, very popular among retiring Baby boomers, are insured by UnitedHealthcare.  The new hires will include positions for customer service representatives, claims processers, nurses and clinicians.  The article proclaiming the additional jobs can be found here on UnitedHealthcare’s website on their Newsroom page.

If you are interested in comparing the latest prices for an AARP Medicare supplement as well as other Medicare supplemental plans please request quotes from us today.

Feb 082013

Many people of the Medicare supplement age will find the research done by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) interesting.  The study compiled data for walking speed and longevity for nearly 35,000 older adults and shows a correlation between the two.  Doctors have for a long time measured heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate to get a quick indication of a person's general health, but this research shows that maybe a stopwatch and a short walk might also make a great tool for assessing those in retirement. Longevity can vary widely in older adults. Watch the video below to see a way that can help predict it.

If you are turning 65 or already on Medicare and interested in purchasing a Medicare Supplement, let us help you save time and money.  Request your Medicare supplemental insurance quotes today.  Click here or the home button at the top to learn more.

Feb 022013

For those who don't know the free AARP 2013 Almanac is out.

AARP provides Medicare supplemental insurance and other products popular with many senors. AARP 2013 Almanac covers such topics as: Free Stuff, Scams and Savings, Diet and Health Tips, Movie Classics and More.  It is a Kindle version so you will obviously need a Kindle or you can download free program that will allow you to read Kindle books from your computer.  Download it free today!

One reviewer wrote the flowing: “This is clearly an almanac written with its customers in mind. Fun and touching stories, a look back in time and up-to-date elements that will helpful, all done with the 50+ crowd's perspective.  I found the section on scams relevant and this information definitively needs to be out there. You will also find details on laws, including tax laws, that could affect you and are very clearly explained.  The diet, health and recipes is one of my favorite chapter. I will bookmark the pages on seasonal first aid for easy reference.  As for the last chapter, *this day in History*, I'll be patient and read one a day. it's always a small pleasure to see how far we've come or what great things we have accomplished.”

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