When You Apply For Medicare Supplement Insurance


The process you go through when you apply for Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance is relatively easy. The most common way is through the use of an application sent through the mail, but some companies are now offering online applications or take them by fax. The applications are not very long, but some people do have trouble with them.  If you have problems your insurance agent will help you with the application. When you get your application through us if there are any postal charges we will pay them.  Here is what you should know when you apply for Medicare Supplement insurance:

  • Apply early. Generally it takes at least two weeks for a supplement application to be processed and sometime longer so don't wait till the last minute.  Two – three Months out from turning 65 is the optimal time to get this taken care of.
  • Truthfully answer the questions. If you have to answer health questions on the Medicare supplement application, answer them truthfully. The company will check your medical records anyway.
  • Ask questions. Make sure to get all of your questions answered when applying for the policy.  You don't want any surprises later on.
  • Remember to cancel your old policy. If you are replacing an older Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan, you must cancel your old policy effective the day your new one starts. This keeps you from having double coverage and double paying with no added benefit.  Just make sure you are approved for your new policy first!
  • Keep a copy for yourself. Whenever possible, keep a copy of your application for yourself. This always helps if there is a problem or question about something on the application.

apply for Medicare supplement insuranceWhen you apply for Medicare supplement insurance we are here to help you.  If you are having difficulty or simply have a question do not hesitate to ask.


You can request Medicare supplement quotes now by clicking here and filling out a simple form.  An agent will look up the rates based off of the information you provide and send the quotes to you by email.

Joel Moyer
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