Dec 072012

New Aetna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Card For YouIf you are a Medicare supplemental insurance policyholder with Aetna you will be getting a new insurance card soon.  Recently published on the cover  of Aetna's Senior Supplemental Insurance news letter Pacesetter was an article stating that new cards will begins to ship in December.  Aetna, also the Medicare supplement underwriter for American Continental and Continental Life, said that new cards were needed because there were just to many variations in circulation with old and outdated phone numbers and other contact information. If you recently purchased a Medigap policy on or after 10 Oct 2012 then you will not get the new cards.  Included with the new card you will find information on a Aetna member discount program.  The program will provide access to savings on fitness, weight management, vision, hearing, and other discount programs.  These discounts are available to all in force American Continental and Continental life Medicare supplement policyholders as well.  So if you want to make sure you have the latest contact information for Aetna and possibly save some money, keep a lookout for your new insurance card.

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